For-Lecturers: How to use IWrite

In this part of iWrite, you will find a number of tutorials to help your students in writing the engineering assignments of the undergraduate years. Each tutorial uses real student texts as examples and as the basis for exercises. The tutorials help students to structure their assignments and use technical and scientific language. They also support students in developing generic writing skills and language use.

Show students how they can use the tutorials to develop their writing when you set your assignment. Put a link to iWrite  in your Moodle unit of study.

Refer students to the tutorials when you are giving feedback.

Emphasise that students who have used the tutorials gain better marks.

Introducing iWrite to Students

There are a number of ways to introduce iWrite to students. But, it´s important that you introduce it and assign value to it, as then students are more likely to use it. Involve your tutors in this process as they often do the bulk of the assignment marking and they can comment on how iWrite can help with common student errors in writing.


1. Early in semester

If you introduce iWrite early in semester, students will have the opportunity and time to explore the tutorials and to work on improving their writing before they begin their assignments. However, if the main course assignment is set towards the middle of the semester or the end, students will need reminding about the site and how it can help them with their assignment.

2. When the assignment is set

This is a more ´just in time´ approach and may well be a strong motivation for students to use the site while they are preparing and drafting their assignment. Stress to them that our research shows that using iWrite can improve their marks.


Demonstrating live

In a computer lab

If you can work with students in small tutorial settings, booking a computer teaching lab and allowing your students to browse the site and work through a particular part of a relevant assignment is very valuable.

In a lecture theatre

A live demonstration in the lecture theatre will allow you to show students how to navigate the site and access the tutorials.