For Students: How to use IWrite

In this part of iWrite, you will find a number of tutorials to help you in writing the engineering assignments of the undergraduate years. Writing successfully is an important skill not only for your university studies but also in your working life. If you can improve your writing, you will also improve your chance of gaining employment and promotion. You may have chosen to study science and engineering because you don´t enjoy writing. However, graduates in engineering say they spend about 60% of their time writing - so now is the time to start working on improving your writing using the iWrite tutorials.

Before your assignment

•       Work through the assignment tutorial, paying particular attention to the main points on structure and language. (Note: it will take you on average about 2 hours to work through one tutorial. However some tutorials are shorter and some are longer)

•       You don’t need to do the whole tutorial. You can focus on one part of the tutorial, the part where you need to improve most. You can always come back at a later time.

•       Ask your lecturer about anything you are unsure of in the assignment before you start writing.


While you are writing

•       Compare your writing of each section of your assignment with the appropriate section in the iWrite tutorial.

•       Draft and redraft your assignment so that you improve your understanding of the content of the assignment as well as your writing.

•       Check your paragraph structure using the Writing Clearly tutorial.

•       Discuss your writing with tutors and/or lecturers. They may have useful feedback or suggestions.


Before submission

•       Read over your assignment.

•       Spell check your work.